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Kip was born and raised in northern Germany to a Kenyan mother and German father. At 19, he moved to the city of Hamburg to study Social Economics. In 2011 he relocated to California and found a home in Oakland. Inspired by the vibrant and unapologetic Black artist community, Kip picked up a paint brush and never put it down again. He found a powerful, limitless form of expression through art. He now utilizes his art to portray a holistic reflection of the global African community.

Kip is a Los Angeles based, self-taught artist, portraying images that highlight the emotional spectrum and vulnerabilities of our people. Many of the works are based on original photographs of his Kenyan family and ancestry, often contrasted by bright, patterned backgrounds. This is to aid you in connecting with the captured moment, without any preconceptions about the context in which it was created.

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